Special Events

To sign up please call (323) 576-2052 or email info@fahrenheitceramics.com.


Want a fun, unique bachelorette party? Want to skip the trust fall corporate event cliché? Everyone likes to play with clay! Our studio is available for private parties and team building events for kids 8+ and adults. Choose from several different tracks.


Using hand-building techniques students will create either 2 cups or 1 platter of their very own. Detailed instruction and guidance will be provided throughout the event. Students will be able to decorate by stamping, carving and painting using special ceramic paints. Limit of 15 students for this activity.

2-3 Students $80/person · 4-8 Students $60/person · 9-15 Students $40/person


Nothing is as fun as watching a pot spin into being on the wheel! Instruction and guidance will include wedging, centering clay, and creating forms on the potter’s wheel. Due to the number of wheels in the studio, this activity is limited to 10 people.

2-3 Students $80/person · 4-6 Students $60/person · 7-10 Students $40/person


The best of both worlds! For 3 hours your group will spend time on the wheel AND get to hand build 1 cup or platter during this event. This option can accommodate up to 20 people.

2-3 Students $100/person · 4-8 Students $80/person · 9-15 Students $60/person · 16-20 Students $40/person


  • All events are 2 hours unless otherwise noted with 1 or 2 instructors depending on the size of the class

  • All instruction, clay, finish work & firing services are included with the event fees

  • Fahrenheit will finish, glaze in the student’s choice of studio colors and glaze fire all pieces. Work is available for pick-up 3 weeks after the event.

  • Space is included in our gallery room for food and beverages. Wine and beer or allowed if all persons are over 21 years of age.